Choosing the proper type of fire extinguisher is an important issue. Using the wrong type of fire extinguisher can be dangerous; in some cases, it can encourage a fire to spread!

When choosing a fire extinguisher, consider the room for which you are purchasing it. In a kitchen, for example, a grease fire from cooking is likely to occur. Therefore, you would not want a water-based extinguisher, which would worsen the fire but a dry chemical extinguisher with ABC ratings.

If you have a room with delicate materials you wish to protect such as electronics, you may wish to opt for a CO2 extinguisher which won’t leave a harmful residue.

Essentially, consider two things:

  1. the material you wish to protect, and
  2. the type of extinguishing agent that will be most effective at suppressing the possible type of fire caused by these materials.

Car Fire Extinguisher – As an essential part of every vehicle safety kit, a car fire extinguisher is a specialty product designed to do a specific job. Although your vehicle is assembled with optimum safety in mind, many of its components are potential fire hazards. Should you encounter a sudden and dangerous fire situation, having a fire extinguisher on hand will allow you to fight the blaze and deter excessive vehicle damage.

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